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I was browsing through my external hard drive and I managed to dig out some of my old photos. Here they are…



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It started snowing here again in Hatfield, but this time it’s even heavier. The saddest part is, everyone is stressing their heads out because this coming week is the week of HORROR! Deadlines for assignments coming up thus no one is playing snowball fight in the thick icy snow. I know…how dissappointing….. 😦

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Ryan and I have been planning to cover the Youth Fight For Jobs event about a month ago and it’s finally here! As stated in the website, Euston Station was the nearest station to the assembly area so without hesitation, we bought our tickets.

When we got there, like tame animals being released into the wild, we had totally no idea where to go or what to do. We walked aimlessly for about 20 minutes before we met a group of people holding the message boards. We joined them and eventually, we got to the assembly area in time. We had a quick breakfast and off we went to shoot!


At first, there were not many people around so I thought, “this would be a pretty small protest”. As the clock ticks, the assembly area started to fill up with participants. Some of them where preparing their message boards, some came all dressed up, there were few that had their morning coffee, and some of them were even rehearsing. If you are interested in these social group activities, they have booths where you can register yourself to get newsletters from them. You don’t have to make your own message boards if you don’t want to because they also have booths selling those boards and other merchandise.

The march started around 12.30pm, guided and guarded by policemen and women. At the assembly, there were about 300-400 protestors, as they march, other bystanders started to join in the crowd and the numbers grew up to about 1000. Read full report here.

more photos | click picture to enlarge


videos coming soon…

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