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I went back to this place again today with Ryan and two of my other photo buddies. We found out that this is actually a private property so we might be able to go back there again. This time it wasn’t raining so I had more time to compose and play around with the settings to get the best results.

To be honest, I am very dissapointed with the results. It was really dark at that time so that made exposing a difficult task. Shooting  at 30sec, f/3.5, is definately not the best thing to do but that was my only choice. I would want to shoot at f14 but that would mean that I need to go BULB which works best if I have a remote. Dissapointing… dissapointing….

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I got the first roll of the film developed, taken with the Gakken TLR (previous post). The results are satisfying I would say. 🙂 Enjoy!


 I forgot to advance the film… hence the double exposure… 


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