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 This is definately my favorite of the bunch. It snowed suddenly after a long time and I got excited because never once I have my camera in my hand when snow falls during the day. At this spot, I waited until the trafic light turns green to give the “life” using the moving cars. Do enjoy the rest of it. Cheers!



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It started snowing here again in Hatfield, but this time it’s even heavier. The saddest part is, everyone is stressing their heads out because this coming week is the week of HORROR! Deadlines for assignments coming up thus no one is playing snowball fight in the thick icy snow. I know…how dissappointing….. 😦

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My assignments are over for now and finally I have the time to shoot again. It started snowing here in Hatfield about  a week ago. As the temperature drops, it gets harder to shoot. I went out to shop this morning so I thought I bring my camera along.


more photos to come!


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