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On the night of 18th Nov 2011 at about 10:30pm, 5 men armed with Parangs (I’m not sure what it’s called in english) forced my gate open and came in to the house. Before anyone could react, my parents and brother were asked to go in to one of the rooms. With one robber guarding my family, the other four ransacked the whole house. The horror lasted for about 30 minutes. When I got home, I was informed about the incident and apparently they left about 3 minutes before I reached. The first thing I did was obviously to check on my gears. It was a heart stopping moment when all I could see was an open empty drybox, worth almost RM12k in total.

These items are uninsured, meaning it’s a loss for me. A big one indeed. Guys guys guys, please get your gears insured. I used to think that it might not be a big deal, or thought this would never happen to me (maybe) but it did. I blame myself for it. Looks like I wont be shooting anything for now. Oh btw, they left my Lubitel 2 behind 😉 looks like it time to shoot film! Stay tuned!!


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