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I went back to this place again today with Ryan and two of my other photo buddies. We found out that this is actually a private property so we might be able to go back there again. This time it wasn’t raining so I had more time to compose and play around with the settings to get the best results.

To be honest, I am very dissapointed with the results. It was really dark at that time so that made exposing a difficult task. Shooting  at 30sec, f/3.5, is definately not the best thing to do but that was my only choice. I would want to shoot at f14 but that would mean that I need to go BULB which works best if I have a remote. Dissapointing… dissapointing….

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 This is definately my favorite of the bunch. It snowed suddenly after a long time and I got excited because never once I have my camera in my hand when snow falls during the day. At this spot, I waited until the trafic light turns green to give the “life” using the moving cars. Do enjoy the rest of it. Cheers!


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I got the first roll of the film developed, taken with the Gakken TLR (previous post). The results are satisfying I would say. 🙂 Enjoy!


 I forgot to advance the film… hence the double exposure… 


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The day after Ryan’s bike got stolen, both of us went for a drinking spree. The first sip of alcohol was around 3pm and since then, we never stopped. I knew Ryan was very upset about his bike and I was too ( I don’t have a cycling buddy anymore). By 8pm, both of us were already high enough to do whatever we wanted to do. That was when we decided to go for a bravery walk into a long path leading straight to St.Albans. That was the path that we tried cycling in one night, but we were too scared to carry on. But this time, its ghost buster time! We packed our stuff and head toward “The Path”.

night light (Medium) The Path is so dark that our only light source that night was the moon. Well we do have ONE torch light with us but the battery was weak so we kept it for emergency.

exit (Medium) I am not too sure where this path heads to but I am sure it’s an exit. We decided not to quit so we carried on.

only one (Medium) The moon had an assistant, the one light that says “you are on the right track”. After that, our irises grew larger again to fit the dark condition.

the pond (Medium) Finally we got where we wanted to go, we spent about 2 minutes there and it started raining heavily. Those heavy drops forced us to pack our gadgets and we ran for cover.

branches (Medium) We got under a bridge and spent almost 2 hours while waiting for the rain to stop. The dark road you see in the picture, that was where we came from.



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