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I started “youtubing” lighting set ups for various kind of shoots the other day because I was just too bored. Then I came across a video where the guy (in that video) teaches you how to shoot water drops and how to set them up, which I din’t know of course. Since I’ve never done one before so I thought I’d try it today and I did. Here it is:


I remember while I was watching that video, the guy said “this may look simple but it really isn’t”. Then I was like, “How hard can it be!? Just use burst mode”. Well I shouldn’t have said that cuz’ I took almost 40 shots in the session. I also used different backgrounds to get me shots like this one below:

Not bad huh? 😀 Heheh! Anyway thanks for viewing!!

here’s the video I watched












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image taken from Shashinki.com

A friend of mine gave me a 5 minutes test-out on the NEW Nikkor 50mm f1.8G AF-S. Instantly I fell in love with it!
The AF speed is really fast even in low light situations and images are very sharp when shooting wide open. It comes with a metal mounting but the lens is fully plastic. This lens uses the usual lens hood (twist and clip? snap on?) compared to the Nikkor 50mm 1.8D screw-in type. Now all D40, D60, D3000, D3100, D5000, and D5100 (or other models that has no motor) users do not need to stress their eye balls trying to focus because this lens comes with a built-in motor 😀

I was told that they might Launch it in June 2011. Price? not confirmed. 🙂

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Oh whoa….it’s been almost a month since I last posted something here.. :p Alright I’ve got great news for those who love photography competitions! No, I’m not the organiser but I was the OP to shoot the launching of this competition. I guess my infomation here should be quite credible HAHA! If im not mistaken, there’s a little fee you have to pay 🙂 Here are the details :


Category 1 : Nature In Your Backyard

Category 2: Habitat Loss, Habitat Gained

Category 3: People & Places

PRIZES: for each category
1st RM5000 / 2nd RM3000 / 3rd RM 2000
consolation RM 100 x5 per category

SPECIAL AWARD: for secondary students
RM1500 for each category

Closing Date: 31 August 2011

For Submission Details please visit

Sponsored By:
KTM / PNMB / NIKON / EPSON / Sime Darby / Perbadanan Putrajaya / UEM ENVIRO
Endorsed By:
Ministry of Nature Resources & Environment

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I took a day trip up to Ipoh with some friends in 2010 and all I brought was my Nikon FG-20 – loaded with Lucky 100 BW fim. I remember visiting the ghost town before heading to Kellie’s Castle but I seem to lost the roll… 😦 Let’s just move on with what I have. Heheh enjoy!!

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Finally I managed to find some time to upload photos from my Penang trip a few weeks ago! A friend of mine was playing for BitterSweet so I was there to keep him company 🙂 I am not too sure what this event is all about but i know it has something to do with some election voting? ANYWAY, here are the photos from that night 🙂


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Finally I am back from a backpacking trip to Manchester and Birmingham. Both locations had a rainy weather, that limits me from walking around. I hope you’d still enjoy these series.


The main reason I went to Manchester was to watch a charity football game called Soccer Aid. It was the English against the rest of the world – well, mostly celebrities. Sadly, my camera was not with me on that day to capture the moment. I do have it in my phone which I will post a.s.a.p.


Besides the Old Trafford, I did not manage to visit other interesting places due to my limited time constrains. From my 2 days 1 night experience in Manchester, it seems that the town is pretty quiet. Maybe it’s the rain?

One thing  I love about Manchester is this particular Dim Sum shop I went to. It’s so tasty yet cheap!


Birmingham, a beautiful place…for shopping! Unfortunately I had too much ‘trash’ to carry so there’s no space for shopping! All I did was walking around to explore the beauty of Birmingham!

One place that I visited which I thought was quite interesting, IKON.  I assume it’s like a gallery for independent artist to display their art?


Here they are, my “part-time” models for the trips. 😀


I am not sure what this river is called, but it’s beautiful.

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It was a beautiful day here in Hatfield today, so I thought why not take a little walk to snap some pictures.

 I was told by a friend that there’s this field which is filled with these yellow flowers. When I got there, it wasn’t as yellow as before. They were all about a meter in height but these few particular flowers seem overgrown? 😀

 Although that path that I took had this funky smell, I was impress by the scenary that I was looking at. Beautiful.

 The sun light was just at the right angle to cast the shadow of this plant on the wooden plank.

 I thought this was quite an interesting sight. There was this particular area which has a different type of plant, and somehow it has its own “path” to it. 😀

other photos:


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