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Lomo’s Lubitel 2

Got this mint conditioned Lubitel 2 off ebay for a very cheap price. Film loaded but I haven’t had the chance to go out and shoot due to classes and also freaky weather in these past few days.

There’s One thing I didn’t like about this Lubitel 2 is the viewfinder. Although it’s a standard (6×6) sized viewfinder, focusing isn’t easy. Apart from the frosted circle (which is use to focus), everything seems like a “mirror” which sometimes confuse the eyes and that can be annoying at times. The tiny magnifier doesn’t help either. Other than that, the Lubitel 2 is great.

          I was told by a friend that there are few stalls in Portobello Market that sell old, antique cameras. I went there a week later to check it out for myself and it was great. There we so many vintages but only 2 caught my attention at that time. The Yashica B and a Rolleicord, but I decided to continue walking to look for other camera stalls.  Some were too expensive, some did not interest me, so I thought I’ll to go back to the first stall. When I got there, the Rolleicord was gone…. but lucky for me the Yashica was still there. Made a deal and got some discounts for it. 😀 Now it is happily sitting on my shelf.

Yashica B

The condition of this Yashica is excellent. But minor fungus is starting to grow in the taking lens which needs some cleaning. I couldn’t find much info about this Yashica B as it quite rare. I’ll play around with this thing first and I’ll update here. 😀

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