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I was in Brighton few months back and saw they were selling one of those plastic disposable cameras, well for a pound of course. My initial intention was to dismantle the camera so that I could use the lens for a DIY camera. Unfortunately, that din’t happen. I really wanted to see what these cameras could produce, that was why I decided not to dismantle the camera. I should have bought 2 units back… 😦 Anyway I finally got them developed, so enjoy!

Note: photos not edited in anyway. Straight form camera.


If im not mistaken, these cameras sold in Poundland are expired. Hence the outcome of the colour.


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During those days, only the rich could afford photography. Not everyone can own a camera. Not until Kodak came into the picture and created the Brownie camera that were sold for $1. At that moment, almost everyone had one in their hands and people where just shooting whatever and whenever they like.

Same goes to what is happening now in today’s world. Digital cameras were expensive gadgets to own when it was first introduced but as competitions increase, prices go down and eventually, everyone becomes a shooter. All you need is a camera, and a computer. Developing? Absolutely free!

What does all these have to do with me preferring to shoot in film? To me, it’s the best way to learn. Digital allows you to shoot as many frames of the same scene and choose the one which you think it’s the best. Now, I’m not talking about journalistic events here. I’m talking about general subjects, still life, landscape etc. Choose 1 photo out of 100 is not the best way to learn. In film, every frame counts. Planning is needed, ask yourself why do you want to take this shot? what should be included in the shot? How should I take this shot?… I fail all the time, but practice makes perfect. The bottom line is, SHOOT FILM! 😀



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 This is definately my favorite of the bunch. It snowed suddenly after a long time and I got excited because never once I have my camera in my hand when snow falls during the day. At this spot, I waited until the trafic light turns green to give the “life” using the moving cars. Do enjoy the rest of it. Cheers!


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Lomo’s Lubitel 2

Got this mint conditioned Lubitel 2 off ebay for a very cheap price. Film loaded but I haven’t had the chance to go out and shoot due to classes and also freaky weather in these past few days.

There’s One thing I didn’t like about this Lubitel 2 is the viewfinder. Although it’s a standard (6×6) sized viewfinder, focusing isn’t easy. Apart from the frosted circle (which is use to focus), everything seems like a “mirror” which sometimes confuse the eyes and that can be annoying at times. The tiny magnifier doesn’t help either. Other than that, the Lubitel 2 is great.

          I was told by a friend that there are few stalls in Portobello Market that sell old, antique cameras. I went there a week later to check it out for myself and it was great. There we so many vintages but only 2 caught my attention at that time. The Yashica B and a Rolleicord, but I decided to continue walking to look for other camera stalls.  Some were too expensive, some did not interest me, so I thought I’ll to go back to the first stall. When I got there, the Rolleicord was gone…. but lucky for me the Yashica was still there. Made a deal and got some discounts for it. 😀 Now it is happily sitting on my shelf.

Yashica B

The condition of this Yashica is excellent. But minor fungus is starting to grow in the taking lens which needs some cleaning. I couldn’t find much info about this Yashica B as it quite rare. I’ll play around with this thing first and I’ll update here. 😀

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I got the first roll of the film developed, taken with the Gakken TLR (previous post). The results are satisfying I would say. 🙂 Enjoy!


 I forgot to advance the film… hence the double exposure… 


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After 2 months of waiting, finally I received my polaroid supercolour 635!
I do not have the film with me now, but the glass is real clean and it looks new to me!

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I went to the car boots sale yesterday morning and got myself this….


 The exterior of this system is good but with some minor scratches that could only be seen from a close range.

 The glass is clear, shutter seems to work at the accurate speed, but the aperture doesn’t seem to work. Servicing is needed, so if any of you out there (around UK) knows where I can get it fixed, do let me know. Thanks!!

 This camera is well-kept in the leather case hence the cleanness of the body and I bought this for a surprising £2!!

I wouldn’t want to bore you with too much information about this camera, but if you are interested you can read it here.

Thanks for viewing!


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