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Some of my friend do not get the chance to buy the Gakken TLR so I’m planning to post my little experience with it.

In terms of getting it fix, I took more than an hour. Not only I dont understand japanese, the layout of the instructions is somewhat confusing. There were parts that were a little tricky but eventually you’ll understand after hours of thinking. Overall its a good experience.  ( btw…I took 3 days to get it fixed…many times I was frustrated )

There were many complaints (flickr group to be exact) about the shutter of the Gakken. I have the same problem as well where the shutter doesn’t click as perfect as they should work. This somehow affected the consistency of the shutter speed but most of the time its fine.

Focusing is quite difficult actually, the viewfinder is definately smaller in size compared to other TLRs and not having the magnifier doesnt make things any better. But hey, what can you expect from a toy camera?

One thing you need to remind yourself when shooting with the Gakken, and that is to advance the film every shot. There were few cases where I forgot to advance the film, eventually I ended up with double exposures…

I guess that’s it, since it uses the 35mm film…it’s easier to just shoot around without thinking of the price of the film (the waste). Just shoot you way through. heheh! It’s small enough to fit it in my pocket, ideal for street shooting

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