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Last night was definitely one of the best night of my life!!! The Used, one of my favourite band came all the way down to KL from Utah to rock their fans’ socks off in Rockaway 2011!!!!  Unfortunately I came just before The Used came on stage so… I pretty much missed all the other acts including Hujan, Busco,Love Me Butch, Story Of The Year and many many more! But I caught a bit of One Buck Short though. ;p

Every single song they played was mind blowing! I couldn’t imagine a better set to be honest. To name a few, ‘Take it Away‘, ‘Pretty Hansome Awkward‘, ‘Hospital‘, and ‘All that I’ve got‘.

The picture snapping had to stop after a few songs as it started to rain heavily 😦 Oh well…the camera went back into its “nest” and the rocking continued!!! 😀 By the end of the show, we were all drenched and cold but it was all worth it! Haha! Non of these would’ve happen if it wasn’t for Murat Oezmen (better not mention what he did for me just in case he gets into trouble) and my girlfriend (Jessica) who helped me with capturing most of the photos here, while I go crazy!!! Also to the organisers who made this happen! Hehe! Anyway enough of talking, enjoy the rest of the set!

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