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Nikon D100

I just collected my Nikon D100 today which I bought few days ago from evay with a really good price tag. The condition is lovely I would say; well taken care of. The seller charged the batteries before he posted it so that gave me the chance to give it a run on the spot.

The body of the D100 is solid built. To prove my point, I accidently dropped it from 3 feet high about 2 hours ago and it still works perfectly. phew! One thing I like about Nikon DSLRs is that they are very comfortable to hold and the D100 fits in just right.

It is sad that the D100 takes in CF cards instead of SDs and I would recommend 4G below or else the processing time would take at least 20-30 seconds depending on your settings.

I have not test the camera to the fullest yet but one thing that I noticed is that the Auto WB gives a very warm colour. Hmm.. I might update more about it later. 😀

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