3rd roll of Lucky SHD 100

Developed these films almost a month ago and now I finally found some time to “scan” it. Well I don’t have a flat bed scanner so I took a picture of each frame instead – with backlight. They’re pretty random without much thoughts put into it so most of them are snapshots 🙂  Enjoy!

Thanks for viewing!! more rolls to come!!!! 🙂

Night at Putrajaya

Followed some friends to Putrajaya 2 nights ago who were there to skate. I don’t skate so I brought along a foldable bicycle, and of course my camera. Only took a couple of photos as it started to rain…. 😦 sigh…


The second photo has been edited to remove all distractions like trees and buildings. Just so you know hehe! 🙂 Thanks for viewing!


Once again, the Blues are back for another friendly match against the Malaysian team!! This time with the full team! except for Essien (injured), David Luiz and Ramires that are on national duty. For those of you who missed the training session,  this one’s for you 🙂


TicketPro posted on their FB page that the training will start at 7pm and the gates will be open at 4pm. I was there sharp at 4pm and there were not many people around, with many parking spaces left.


By 4:30pm, the crowd started to pile up at the gate ( I was at the Red Gate) really fast! Under the hot blazing sun, everyone was anxiously waiting for the gate to open but the organisers were no where to be seen. Not until 4:45pm!


At 5:00pm, no one was allowed to pass through the gate yet. There were people sitting on the floor trying to hide from the bright sun, people chattering and complaining about the delay. I was disappointed myself. The smell of sweat all around you isn’t really a nice feeling…


Finally at about 5:30pm, they opened the gate and like a horde, everyone was running to get the best seats! I ran like a G6!! 😀
Got my seat, not the best, but close enough to photograph I guess? From here onwards, it’s just waiting and eating while waiting for the team to come out 🙂 nom nom…


Alright I dont really have good pictures of them coming out cuz when they announced the players coming out, everyone went crazy!! They were on their chairs with their hands up in the air holding their flags and scarfs which totally blocked my view!!!! Not forgetting the extreme high pitch screaming from the girls! :S These were the only ones that I have, enjoy!


Oh before I go, there’s one more thing that I would like to add. See this pic below?

To those of you who were sitting like this while watching the training, F*** You big time! How inconsiderate can you be? People paid for their tickets too and I think they deserve to watch the training like everyone else. Sorry to swear here but it got on my nerves. To those who are watching the match tomorrow, give them a piece of your mind if they do this! It’s your rights! 🙂 Thanks for reading! 🙂

Motion in my ride

Been wanting to do this but never had the chance to do it until last night. I had to open the tripod in between my seat and the centre gear panel, put it on timer and hold down the tripod with one hand. 🙂 Shot with an Olympus PEN EPL2

Photographing drops

I started “youtubing” lighting set ups for various kind of shoots the other day because I was just too bored. Then I came across a video where the guy (in that video) teaches you how to shoot water drops and how to set them up, which I din’t know of course. Since I’ve never done one before so I thought I’d try it today and I did. Here it is:


I remember while I was watching that video, the guy said “this may look simple but it really isn’t”. Then I was like, “How hard can it be!? Just use burst mode”. Well I shouldn’t have said that cuz’ I took almost 40 shots in the session. I also used different backgrounds to get me shots like this one below:

Not bad huh? 😀 Heheh! Anyway thanks for viewing!!

here’s the video I watched












I’ve been looking to buy a flash bounce card for my flashgun but they seem to be over priced for a simple product. So I decided to make one and it works! 😀

Step 1

This is actually a very thin chopping board that I bought from Daiso for RM5. It comes in 2 sizes, 370mm x 230mm (big) and 240mm x 170mm (small). I can actually make 3 bounce cards with these!

Draw the outline of the size you would like your bounce card to be. For me, I measured 13cm x 13cm for the bouncing surface. Do not forget to add the extra bit on the bottom for the velcro (also bought from Daiso for RM5).

Step 3
After cutting out the shape, I used a double sided tape to stick the velcro on the bottom part.

Step 4
The chopping board is actually a little transparent which would mean the light will not bounce that well. I used an A4 cut out and clip them together using paperclips. You can actually use coloured papers too! 😀

Final Product
Attach them to your flashgun and this is what they should look like. 🙂 The results?

Without bounce card

With Built-in bounce card

With DIY flash bounce

Thanks for viewing! HAVE FUN!! 😀

image taken from Shashinki.com

A friend of mine gave me a 5 minutes test-out on the NEW Nikkor 50mm f1.8G AF-S. Instantly I fell in love with it!
The AF speed is really fast even in low light situations and images are very sharp when shooting wide open. It comes with a metal mounting but the lens is fully plastic. This lens uses the usual lens hood (twist and clip? snap on?) compared to the Nikkor 50mm 1.8D screw-in type. Now all D40, D60, D3000, D3100, D5000, and D5100 (or other models that has no motor) users do not need to stress their eye balls trying to focus because this lens comes with a built-in motor 😀

I was told that they might Launch it in June 2011. Price? not confirmed. 🙂