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Last night was definitely one of the best night of my life!!! The Used, one of my favourite band came all the way down to KL from Utah to rock their fans’ socks off in Rockaway 2011!!!!  Unfortunately I came just before The Used came on stage so… I pretty much missed all the other acts including Hujan, Busco,Love Me Butch, Story Of The Year and many many more! But I caught a bit of One Buck Short though. ;p

Every single song they played was mind blowing! I couldn’t imagine a better set to be honest. To name a few, ‘Take it Away‘, ‘Pretty Hansome Awkward‘, ‘Hospital‘, and ‘All that I’ve got‘.

The picture snapping had to stop after a few songs as it started to rain heavily 😦 Oh well…the camera went back into its “nest” and the rocking continued!!! 😀 By the end of the show, we were all drenched and cold but it was all worth it! Haha! Non of these would’ve happen if it wasn’t for Murat Oezmen (better not mention what he did for me just in case he gets into trouble) and my girlfriend (Jessica) who helped me with capturing most of the photos here, while I go crazy!!! Also to the organisers who made this happen! Hehe! Anyway enough of talking, enjoy the rest of the set!

Thanks for viewing! 🙂








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I’ve been looking to buy a flash bounce card for my flashgun but they seem to be over priced for a simple product. So I decided to make one and it works! 😀

Step 1

This is actually a very thin chopping board that I bought from Daiso for RM5. It comes in 2 sizes, 370mm x 230mm (big) and 240mm x 170mm (small). I can actually make 3 bounce cards with these!

Draw the outline of the size you would like your bounce card to be. For me, I measured 13cm x 13cm for the bouncing surface. Do not forget to add the extra bit on the bottom for the velcro (also bought from Daiso for RM5).

Step 3
After cutting out the shape, I used a double sided tape to stick the velcro on the bottom part.

Step 4
The chopping board is actually a little transparent which would mean the light will not bounce that well. I used an A4 cut out and clip them together using paperclips. You can actually use coloured papers too! 😀

Final Product
Attach them to your flashgun and this is what they should look like. 🙂 The results?

Without bounce card

With Built-in bounce card

With DIY flash bounce

Thanks for viewing! HAVE FUN!! 😀

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I took a day trip up to Ipoh with some friends in 2010 and all I brought was my Nikon FG-20 – loaded with Lucky 100 BW fim. I remember visiting the ghost town before heading to Kellie’s Castle but I seem to lost the roll… 😦 Let’s just move on with what I have. Heheh enjoy!!

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Got free tickets to watch the awesomely chilly Whitest Boy Alive at Mist, Bangsar. (Thank you Ryan Lee Bhaskaran for the tickets)

Alright, here’s the sad part. I wanted to bring my DSLR but as we all know, most concerts will not allow DSLRs in unless you are with the media or something. Trying to keep away from trouble OR my camera being confiscated I decided not to bring. Instead I brought the Panasonic TZ-10. As in walked into the hall, there they were, people with DSLR hanging on their necks. A little disappointment, but I believe the TZ-10 can get the job done! Anyway here are the photos, enjoy!

I was just wondering. DSLRs have become so popular and so affordable, does that mean it is now ‘okay’ to bring them to concerts or events? since less people are getting compacts.

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I just took a trip down to Port Dickson, about 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), also very common place for families to go on a day trip by the beach. I managed to get myself a good deal for Le Paris International Hotel (pic above) so I decided to stay 2 nights.

For the price I paid, this hotel is not such a bad place but I don’t think you would want to swim in a pool that isn’t very clean. Looking at the picture above, you will notice that the water’s kinda yellow. 🙂


To my surprise, the beach is pretty clean with clear water comparing to the beaches in Pulau Pinang. You will be able to see your feet even if you’re in a meter deep. But the bad thing is when the tide is low, the beach dries up for about 50 meter in distance.

Well overall, I would give this place a 6 out of 10. 🙂

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Comforting sight

I was looking for food in my fridge the other day and I found 7 rolls of undeveloped films which I was supposed to do it before I left for the UK. I don’t even remember what I shot, well I guess I’ll have to wait! 😀 So stay tuned guys!


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Do check out the new Portfolio page!

direct link HERE!


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