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Once again, the Blues are back for another friendly match against the Malaysian team!! This time with the full team! except for Essien (injured), David Luiz and Ramires that are on national duty. For those of you who missed the training session,  this one’s for you 🙂


TicketPro posted on their FB page that the training will start at 7pm and the gates will be open at 4pm. I was there sharp at 4pm and there were not many people around, with many parking spaces left.


By 4:30pm, the crowd started to pile up at the gate ( I was at the Red Gate) really fast! Under the hot blazing sun, everyone was anxiously waiting for the gate to open but the organisers were no where to be seen. Not until 4:45pm!


At 5:00pm, no one was allowed to pass through the gate yet. There were people sitting on the floor trying to hide from the bright sun, people chattering and complaining about the delay. I was disappointed myself. The smell of sweat all around you isn’t really a nice feeling…


Finally at about 5:30pm, they opened the gate and like a horde, everyone was running to get the best seats! I ran like a G6!! 😀
Got my seat, not the best, but close enough to photograph I guess? From here onwards, it’s just waiting and eating while waiting for the team to come out 🙂 nom nom…


Alright I dont really have good pictures of them coming out cuz when they announced the players coming out, everyone went crazy!! They were on their chairs with their hands up in the air holding their flags and scarfs which totally blocked my view!!!! Not forgetting the extreme high pitch screaming from the girls! :S These were the only ones that I have, enjoy!


Oh before I go, there’s one more thing that I would like to add. See this pic below?

To those of you who were sitting like this while watching the training, F*** You big time! How inconsiderate can you be? People paid for their tickets too and I think they deserve to watch the training like everyone else. Sorry to swear here but it got on my nerves. To those who are watching the match tomorrow, give them a piece of your mind if they do this! It’s your rights! 🙂 Thanks for reading! 🙂

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