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Been wanting to do this but never had the chance to do it until last night. I had to open the tripod in between my seat and the centre gear panel, put it on timer and hold down the tripod with one hand. 🙂 Shot with an Olympus PEN EPL2

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I started “youtubing” lighting set ups for various kind of shoots the other day because I was just too bored. Then I came across a video where the guy (in that video) teaches you how to shoot water drops and how to set them up, which I din’t know of course. Since I’ve never done one before so I thought I’d try it today and I did. Here it is:


I remember while I was watching that video, the guy said “this may look simple but it really isn’t”. Then I was like, “How hard can it be!? Just use burst mode”. Well I shouldn’t have said that cuz’ I took almost 40 shots in the session. I also used different backgrounds to get me shots like this one below:

Not bad huh? 😀 Heheh! Anyway thanks for viewing!!

here’s the video I watched












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I’ve been looking to buy a flash bounce card for my flashgun but they seem to be over priced for a simple product. So I decided to make one and it works! 😀

Step 1

This is actually a very thin chopping board that I bought from Daiso for RM5. It comes in 2 sizes, 370mm x 230mm (big) and 240mm x 170mm (small). I can actually make 3 bounce cards with these!

Draw the outline of the size you would like your bounce card to be. For me, I measured 13cm x 13cm for the bouncing surface. Do not forget to add the extra bit on the bottom for the velcro (also bought from Daiso for RM5).

Step 3
After cutting out the shape, I used a double sided tape to stick the velcro on the bottom part.

Step 4
The chopping board is actually a little transparent which would mean the light will not bounce that well. I used an A4 cut out and clip them together using paperclips. You can actually use coloured papers too! 😀

Final Product
Attach them to your flashgun and this is what they should look like. 🙂 The results?

Without bounce card

With Built-in bounce card

With DIY flash bounce

Thanks for viewing! HAVE FUN!! 😀

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