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image taken from Shashinki.com

A friend of mine gave me a 5 minutes test-out on the NEW Nikkor 50mm f1.8G AF-S. Instantly I fell in love with it!
The AF speed is really fast even in low light situations and images are very sharp when shooting wide open. It comes with a metal mounting but the lens is fully plastic. This lens uses the usual lens hood (twist and clip? snap on?) compared to the Nikkor 50mm 1.8D screw-in type. Now all D40, D60, D3000, D3100, D5000, and D5100 (or other models that has no motor) users do not need to stress their eye balls trying to focus because this lens comes with a built-in motor 😀

I was told that they might Launch it in June 2011. Price? not confirmed. 🙂

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Here’s an update. I sent my Nikon D80 to the service centre to replace my CCD because of a serious hot pixel issue. I was quoted RM1523 for the replacement. I almost dropped my phone upon hearing those numbers…my jaw did however. Well, it cost more than what my D80 is even worth! No worries I wont be proceeding with the repairs.

Anyway, because my D80’s in the service centre I decided to use the EPL2 for a little studio shoot with some really really hot….. decorations?! D:


Same lighting set-ups were used for all 3 photos. I’ll try to illustrated the set-up and update this post.
I did not remove my UV filter, so I’m not sure if that is the cause for the obvious chromatic aberration especially on white backgrounds. Overall, I’m satisfied. 🙂

Thanks for viewing!!

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I was at the temple along Jalan Gasing yesterday for the Wesak Day celebration. I brought 2 cameras with me, a Nikon FG20 SLR and a cheap Sony digital point-and-shoot camera I had 5 years ago. These photos were shot with the Sony PnS at ISO 1000. Enjoy!


Thanks for viewing!

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I was so bored at home today I decided to do a mock up shot. In today’s session, the victim is non other than my annoying Samsung Tocco Lite phone. Just read on and I will explain to you how I did this. 🙂

The Set Up

I set similar output for both the lights to create a flat image. As you can see I had also place a white board (not glossy or shiny surface) behind the phone because I was shooting in an environment that is filled with decorations which could be seen through the phone’s reflection.

This is the result from the set up. Notice the nice and clean blank screen? It’s not really a big deal but it would if u want to blend another image during editing. 🙂

I took a separate photo for the screen. This because taking it under studio lights would give unwanted reflections.
After that, just cut out the screen and paste it on the phone in editing. 🙂


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Oh whoa….it’s been almost a month since I last posted something here.. :p Alright I’ve got great news for those who love photography competitions! No, I’m not the organiser but I was the OP to shoot the launching of this competition. I guess my infomation here should be quite credible HAHA! If im not mistaken, there’s a little fee you have to pay 🙂 Here are the details :


Category 1 : Nature In Your Backyard

Category 2: Habitat Loss, Habitat Gained

Category 3: People & Places

PRIZES: for each category
1st RM5000 / 2nd RM3000 / 3rd RM 2000
consolation RM 100 x5 per category

SPECIAL AWARD: for secondary students
RM1500 for each category

Closing Date: 31 August 2011

For Submission Details please visit

Sponsored By:
KTM / PNMB / NIKON / EPSON / Sime Darby / Perbadanan Putrajaya / UEM ENVIRO
Endorsed By:
Ministry of Nature Resources & Environment

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