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Got free tickets to watch the awesomely chilly Whitest Boy Alive at Mist, Bangsar. (Thank you Ryan Lee Bhaskaran for the tickets)

Alright, here’s the sad part. I wanted to bring my DSLR but as we all know, most concerts will not allow DSLRs in unless you are with the media or something. Trying to keep away from trouble OR my camera being confiscated I decided not to bring. Instead I brought the Panasonic TZ-10. As in walked into the hall, there they were, people with DSLR hanging on their necks. A little disappointment, but I believe the TZ-10 can get the job done! Anyway here are the photos, enjoy!

I was just wondering. DSLRs have become so popular and so affordable, does that mean it is now ‘okay’ to bring them to concerts or events? since less people are getting compacts.

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