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I was in Brighton few months back and saw they were selling one of those plastic disposable cameras, well for a pound of course. My initial intention was to dismantle the camera so that I could use the lens for a DIY camera. Unfortunately, that din’t happen. I really wanted to see what these cameras could produce, that was why I decided not to dismantle the camera. I should have bought 2 units back… 😦 Anyway I finally got them developed, so enjoy!

Note: photos not edited in anyway. Straight form camera.


If im not mistaken, these cameras sold in Poundland are expired. Hence the outcome of the colour.


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I was doing some memory cleaning on my mobile phone so i thought I’d share some of them here. 😀

 My phone had this ‘edit’ mode which I just found out about it after a year!

 I’ve always wanted to take this shot with my DSLR but most of the time I dont have my camera with me. I guess my phone will do 😀

Thanks for viewing! CHeers!

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