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I wanted to create a natural and peace mood, hence the pabbles on the white surface with greens out the window.


I got off work early today, so I decided to visit Greenwich. These are not great pictures but I hope you enjoy them 😀

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Do check out the new Portfolio page!

direct link HERE!


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I realised that I have few photos that I did not post so I thought of posting it now since I am free. 😀

I don’t remember what building this is but it’s in Birmingham. There’s a fountain in front of it but it wasn’t on at the time. As the water lay motionless, I took the opportunity to snap the reflection of this building.

If I am not mistaken, this was shot in London, some where near liverpool street station?

more pictures to come!!!!

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Finally I am back from a backpacking trip to Manchester and Birmingham. Both locations had a rainy weather, that limits me from walking around. I hope you’d still enjoy these series.


The main reason I went to Manchester was to watch a charity football game called Soccer Aid. It was the English against the rest of the world – well, mostly celebrities. Sadly, my camera was not with me on that day to capture the moment. I do have it in my phone which I will post a.s.a.p.


Besides the Old Trafford, I did not manage to visit other interesting places due to my limited time constrains. From my 2 days 1 night experience in Manchester, it seems that the town is pretty quiet. Maybe it’s the rain?

One thing  I love about Manchester is this particular Dim Sum shop I went to. It’s so tasty yet cheap!


Birmingham, a beautiful place…for shopping! Unfortunately I had too much ‘trash’ to carry so there’s no space for shopping! All I did was walking around to explore the beauty of Birmingham!

One place that I visited which I thought was quite interesting, IKON.  I assume it’s like a gallery for independent artist to display their art?


Here they are, my “part-time” models for the trips. 😀


I am not sure what this river is called, but it’s beautiful.

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