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It was a beautiful day here in Hatfield today, so I thought why not take a little walk to snap some pictures.

 I was told by a friend that there’s this field which is filled with these yellow flowers. When I got there, it wasn’t as yellow as before. They were all about a meter in height but these few particular flowers seem overgrown? 😀

 Although that path that I took had this funky smell, I was impress by the scenary that I was looking at. Beautiful.

 The sun light was just at the right angle to cast the shadow of this plant on the wooden plank.

 I thought this was quite an interesting sight. There was this particular area which has a different type of plant, and somehow it has its own “path” to it. 😀

other photos:


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I just got back from Brighton on a 3 days trip and all I could say is “what a beautiful place!”. The scenary, the people, the weather, perfect! I am definately going back there soon! Well, I don’t have much to tell this time because all I did in those 3 days was walk, walk, and walk. 😀 Enjoy the photos!


One thing that caught my attention during my visit to Brighton was this burned down pier (see pic below). In fact, this pier was my most photographed subject.

 This is West Pier which got burned down (intentionally or accidently) a few years back. Read more about it HERE.

  The remaining structures where the bridge connecting West Pier used to stand.

  Not far from the West Pier is where the Brighton Pier is located. They have games, roller coasters and more! 😀

I spent most of my time there shooting around the beach so excuse if there’s too many of them. Please do enjoy the rest of these photos. CHEERS!


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Well I still couldn’t find myself some free time to go out and shoot but here are just a few shots after the exams. Just for the heads up, I’m bad in shooting flowers so please excuse me for that 😀



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Hey all! I just realised that I have not post day 3 pictures from Edinburgh! Sorry about that! 😀

Anyway in day  3 I decided to go for the free tour! yes, in Edinburgh they offer free tours and it’s extremely informative. These bunch of guys are not paid to take you around Edinburgh and tell you about the history of Edinburgh, instead they work based on tips. Give whatever you think it’s worth giving. They accept cash, chocolates, beers, and even just hugs. So lets start!


Alright, this is Alan. My tour guide for the day. If you happen to go for this tour, request for Alan to be your guide (I’m not sure if you are able to do so, but no harm trying). He’s a brilliant and lively person. 😀

If you happen to see this on the floor, do not propose to your girlfriends if you ever plan to do so. This is not a “good” love. What you will notice is that people will tend to spit in the circle. The reason is because this spot used to be a prison ground and the Scottish used to spit on the prison walls to show their hatred towards the prisoners. What happened was that they abolished the building and yet people still spit on this spot so they made this “love” thingy for the people to spit on. Yes, this is the only spot where you can spit without being punished. 😀

I had a shock when we got to this cemetary because you are actually allowed to step on the grounds. I mean back home I was told that stepping on the grave is a big NO NO, well it’s different here. In fact in Scotland (or only Edinburgh), people picnic in these dead men’s ground and is also the No.2 spot for public sex.

What you are looking here is actually the monument of the most hated person in Edinburgh, George MacKenzie. He was a heartless lawyer and had taken many lives. I am sure you have heard of the Mackenzie poltergeist? This monument used to be open to the publics but they locked it a few years back due to some paranormal activities that caused injuries to tourist. One priest even died trying to exorcise the spirit of Mackenzie.

 For those of you who are a big fan of Harry Porter, on the top floor is where J.K. Rowling lives and wrote the first and second Harry Porter book.


From J.K Rowling’s window, she could see this two buildings. The first one is the Edinburgh Castle and the second one is a private school that was built by a guy name George as well. He was a wealthy man and he loves children (no pun intended), so when he died, his fortunes were used to built this school to give free education to the orphans. So anyway, use your imagination and place the school on top of that rock where the castle stand, you’ll get HOGWARDS!

Alright, this is a really touching story of a dog’s loyalty. The tombstone on the left belongs to John Gray, he was an undertaker for this holy ground and one day he requested for a dog because he was getting a little too lonely. The church then granted him a dog, Bobby Greyfairs was its name. 2 years later John died and since then, Bobby stood by his tombstone every single day. Then a great man, by the name of James Brown (tombstone on the left), came to this ground every day to feed little Bobby.

When little Bobby died, he wasn’t allowed to be burried next to its master because it only Christians are allowed to be burried in the holy ground. Of course there was no way Bobby could tell anyone if he was a Christian or not. Bobby was burried outside the gates of the church where Bobby waited every single day for the gate to be opened so he could visit John’s tomb. This cafe is named after Bobby Greyfairs and if I am not wrong, it is built on the spot where Bobby was burried.


 Bobby has a tomb in the church as well for people to pay their respect. You’ll be amazed by the amount of funny things people place by the tomb. One particular one was an envelope with plane tickets, apparently the reason was because Bobby stood by John’s grave for 14 years and its time for some vacation.

There’s actually more places which I did not include in here. It is best if you could take a visit here and learn about Edinburgh! More pictures to come!!


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OWRIGHTS!! last paper in 2 days! I can’t wait to go out there and shoot shoot shoot! its spring and the flowers are growing well. So expect ONLY flowers series soon. 😀

thanks for waiting!!

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