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Exam week

I am affraid that I will have to put this blog in a halt for 3 weeks, until my finals are over (12th May 2010). So sorry for the inconvenience. 😀

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wow…sorry i took to long for day 2. 😀

As usual, we woke up late. It was after breakfast that we went to visit the Edinburgh Castle. In my opinion,  entry fee of £13 is a little too high. Basically, we were there the whole day so I really have nothing much to write. Just pictures 😀

 Yes yes this is where you burn your £13…

 The canon you see there is actually real. They fired an empty shell when i was there but I am not sure how often do they do it though. Because a videographer (figure behind the canon) was there when they fired it. Maybe it was for a documentary? I don’t know. 😀 

Note: I was just update by Miss Edinburgh (edinburghspotlight.com) that they fire the cannon every day at 1pm 365 days of the year and 21 times on the Queen’s birthday.

 In this building, they have hundred over books which have names of dead soldiers that died during the war. I forgot what war it was… :p I guess all the wars?

 This sword is taller than I am.


  These are my friends that were with me in the trip! 😀

Alright, there were 2 things that I really enjoyed in this castle. These statues…


….and this painting…

 I am not sure if you could see it from here but if you are actually there to see the painting, the face actually pops out giving this 3D feel to it. Kinda cool i think. 😀

I do apologise that I don’t really have much pictures in the castle as the lighting were not inviting. Thanks for viewing!!

to be continue….

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Before I even start, let me give you a piece of advice. Never ever try to walk to the station when you know you are late! Take a cab even if it will cost you a bomb, that is better than burning your train ticket which could be the bigger one!

So we woke up late, got ready to go and we knew we were behind time. Instead of taking the cab to the train station, we decided to stick to the plan; to walk. It was 5.20am, walking with heavy bags on our backs was definately not the best choice we’ve made in our life. Our train was set to leave on 5.45am and at 5.30am we were no where close to the station – barely halfway. We decided to run and fortunate enough, we made it 1 minute before the train arrived. pheewwww! It took about 5 hours to get to Edinburgh and there is only one way to make your trip shorter….SLEEP! 😀

We got there at about 10am. Had our lunch in a restaurant called Filling Station and it does live by its name. The portion of the meals were quite small but it really fills your tummy! Later on we walked around the city but the weather was not being friendly at all. The skies were grey, photos taken were not satisfying and the wind were just too strong! How strong you ask? The picture below shows heavy wooden chairs in a park that were flipped by the strong wind.


At one point I was literally spinning around because the wind blew my camera bag that were strap to my shoulder and I spun with my bag. Anyway I went to places which I am not sure what it is called, but these are some of the pictures! Beware that the pictures that you’re going to view might be boring and dull but edited to “enhance” them a little. Please do not continue if you are allergic to ugly pictures! 😀


Before I end this post, I shall recommend you a really good backpacker’s hostel when we were there. It’s called The Castle Rock. It’s really cheap for such great service – £14 a night per person. Free tea and coffee anytime, free pool while you have a drink in the lounge, free wifi, library for you to read what ever books you want, extremely clean toilets, great location, and last but not least; extremely friendly cool staffs. I think in general the people in Scotland are just too friendly.

I actually forgot to take pictures of the hostel except for this room we lived in. So you might need to check it out yourself in the net. 😀

to be continue…….

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I just came back from Edinburgh last night. It is such a beautiful place and it’s highly recommended to those who have not been there. It would be a bonus if you like history. 😀

All pictures just got transfered into my laptop and I am doing some filtering before posting up here – too many pictures seriously. It will probably take some time to get things organised to bear with me alright!?


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It was my birthday yesterday and a group of us decided to go for lunch in London. We were supposed to take the early train but being typical Malaysians with a sleeping-more-than-needed hobby, we took the afternoon one instead. But no big deal anyway. When I mentioned “a group of us” i don’t mean only 2 of us (picture above), there were more of us but let’s just put it this way… pictures of them din’t come out too well. 😀


We went to this restaurant recommended by a friend called Hi Sushi Salsa if I’m not mistaken? Located somewhere around Camden Town. It’s a japanese buffet restaurant with very limited choices of food but that doesn’t stop them from filling your tummy! Taste great and it cost £14.80 per person excluding taxes. 😀

We walked around for abit after lunch before going to a pub to have a drink where we later had our dinner in Rasa Sayang chinatown. We couldn’t do much because almost 80% of shops in London where closed due to Easter if I’m not wrong. 😀


Not many photos were taken today though… I’ll be leaving for Scotland in about 3 hours time so hopefully I’ll bring back some decent pictures!!!! 😀


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Holiday had just started and I think it’s time to travel!!.

Scotland looks like the best bet now so there’s high possibility that I will be leaving this coming tuesday!! It’s time to pick up my camera and start shooting again. Hopefully I will have nice pictures to share! 😀

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