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Delay in new posting

Due to an excessive amount of assignments, I will not be posting anything until 1 of April 2010.


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It’s that time again, where stress fills the air in my room while I think of my assignment deadlines.

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Decided to get up extra early this mornig to go for breakfast. My camera tagged along so…I took some not so nice pictures to share.. xD.


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During those days, only the rich could afford photography. Not everyone can own a camera. Not until Kodak came into the picture and created the Brownie camera that were sold for $1. At that moment, almost everyone had one in their hands and people where just shooting whatever and whenever they like.

Same goes to what is happening now in today’s world. Digital cameras were expensive gadgets to own when it was first introduced but as competitions increase, prices go down and eventually, everyone becomes a shooter. All you need is a camera, and a computer. Developing? Absolutely free!

What does all these have to do with me preferring to shoot in film? To me, it’s the best way to learn. Digital allows you to shoot as many frames of the same scene and choose the one which you think it’s the best. Now, I’m not talking about journalistic events here. I’m talking about general subjects, still life, landscape etc. Choose 1 photo out of 100 is not the best way to learn. In film, every frame counts. Planning is needed, ask yourself why do you want to take this shot? what should be included in the shot? How should I take this shot?… I fail all the time, but practice makes perfect. The bottom line is, SHOOT FILM! 😀



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