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Look what got delived to me this morning!!! It arrived way ealier than I expected since it was delivered from Japan. 😀


*opening box…

Yup…I’ve got to fix it myself. 😀 and it take in 35mm film and able to make it square format.

Owh! and they have the magazine attched with it too, with sample pictures and stuff. Hehe!

I got to rush, more updates coming soon! Cheers!!!

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Alright, here is the first interesting thing of the week.

When a friend tells you something, try it. But when a label tells you something, Believe it!

Let me introduce to you “The Original Hottest Sauce in the Universe!” (as claimed), THE INSANITY SAUCE!!!

How spicy is it you asked? These are the “testers” and their responses.

Ryan ( the owner of that bottle ) : FUOOO!!!! GILAAA (crazy) MAN!!!!!!

Amanda (Ryan’s friend) : OMG! If this was sex, ill be a virgin forever!!

Ben (someone who cant eat spicy food but likes a little challenge) : SSSssssSSSssss….Haaaaaaa…SSSssss…Haaaaa… (he is speechless)

Need I say more? And look at what it says at the back of the bottle.

Warning says “Use this product one drop at a time. Not for people with heart problems. Also strips waxed floors and removes driveway grease stains.”


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Sorry for the delay in posting, but the good news is I have 2 interesting things to share which I am going to post later! 😀 promise it wont be long. HEHEH!!

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Nikon D100

I just collected my Nikon D100 today which I bought few days ago from evay with a really good price tag. The condition is lovely I would say; well taken care of. The seller charged the batteries before he posted it so that gave me the chance to give it a run on the spot.

The body of the D100 is solid built. To prove my point, I accidently dropped it from 3 feet high about 2 hours ago and it still works perfectly. phew! One thing I like about Nikon DSLRs is that they are very comfortable to hold and the D100 fits in just right.

It is sad that the D100 takes in CF cards instead of SDs and I would recommend 4G below or else the processing time would take at least 20-30 seconds depending on your settings.

I have not test the camera to the fullest yet but one thing that I noticed is that the Auto WB gives a very warm colour. Hmm.. I might update more about it later. 😀

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I was browsing through my external hard drive and I managed to dig out some of my old photos. Here they are…


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I saw something really interesting in the kitchen this afternoon that made me ran to my room in light speed to grab my camera! What was it that I saw?

 This sardine’s head. 😀

After that I continued my journey of photography around the kitchen, and these are the things I capture along my journey. 

   To me, water is the most interesting to photograph. I am not too sure how to put this in words but everytime you snap a photo of  water, its different.   


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It started snowing here again in Hatfield, but this time it’s even heavier. The saddest part is, everyone is stressing their heads out because this coming week is the week of HORROR! Deadlines for assignments coming up thus no one is playing snowball fight in the thick icy snow. I know…how dissappointing….. 😦

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