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Re-format completed

My laptop has been successfully reformatted. But some how things just dont feel the way it used to be. Its gonna take awhile to change things back. sigh…


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I did not have a good start on christmas day as my laptop suddently got attacked by viruses. Might perform a reformation tomorrow to solve the problem. ūüė¶

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After 2 months of waiting, finally I received my polaroid supercolour 635!
I do not have the film with me now, but the glass is real clean and it looks new to me!

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My assignments are over for now and finally I have the time to shoot again. It started snowing here in Hatfield about  a week ago. As the temperature drops, it gets harder to shoot. I went out to shop this morning so I thought I bring my camera along.


more photos to come!


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I have been really busy with assignments and preparation for test lately.¬†I got really¬†upset last week because I did not get to cover another event in London due to assignnments.¬†I will won’t be free until next week so I might be slow in posting new photos.


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Here is the video for Part 2

videos by Ryan Lee Bhaskaran

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Here is the first video of the Climate Change protest in London.

videos by Ryan Lee Bhaskaran

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