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Here are the videos from the Youth Fight For Jobs/No Education Fees London protest 28th November 2009.

videos by Ryan Lee Bhaskaran

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Thanks for viewing!

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Ryan and I have been planning to cover the Youth Fight For Jobs event about a month ago and it’s finally here! As stated in the website, Euston Station was the nearest station to the assembly area so without hesitation, we bought our tickets.

When we got there, like tame animals being released into the wild, we had totally no idea where to go or what to do. We walked aimlessly for about 20 minutes before we met a group of people holding the message boards. We joined them and eventually, we got to the assembly area in time. We had a quick breakfast and off we went to shoot!


At first, there were not many people around so I thought, “this would be a pretty small protest”. As the clock ticks, the assembly area started to fill up with participants. Some of them where preparing their message boards, some came all dressed up, there were few that had their morning coffee, and some of them were even rehearsing. If you are interested in these social group activities, they have booths where you can register yourself to get newsletters from them. You don’t have to make your own message boards if you don’t want to because they also have booths selling those boards and other merchandise.

The march started around 12.30pm, guided and guarded by policemen and women. At the assembly, there were about 300-400 protestors, as they march, other bystanders started to join in the crowd and the numbers grew up to about 1000. Read full report here.

more photos | click picture to enlarge


videos coming soon…

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I finally got my sleep after staying awake for more than 36 hours doing assignment! Yes, it’s last minute group work, but to be honest I think we did pretty well. 😀 One assignment down, 4 more to go!!

By the way, the protest in London is today and we (Ryan and I) are excited about it! We’ll be leaving for London around 9am, hopefully we’ll get some good shots! We’ll be reporting it right after the protest is done, so stay tuned! 😀


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Ryan found this book in the library today and it’s an interesting one. In fact, VERY interesting one.

 Written by P.C.T’UNG & D.E.POLLARD, first published in 1982.

The thing is I am not sure if this book is for the Chinese to learn English or the other way round but it really cracked us up. Click the image to enlarge it.

 What is that (M) for!?

And finally, my all time favorite!….

 It doesn’t even make any sense!!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed that!


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Fried salmon on mashed potato in sauce. Scrumptious!


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I went to the car boots sale yesterday morning and got myself this….


 The exterior of this system is good but with some minor scratches that could only be seen from a close range.

 The glass is clear, shutter seems to work at the accurate speed, but the aperture doesn’t seem to work. Servicing is needed, so if any of you out there (around UK) knows where I can get it fixed, do let me know. Thanks!!

 This camera is well-kept in the leather case hence the cleanness of the body and I bought this for a surprising £2!!

I wouldn’t want to bore you with too much information about this camera, but if you are interested you can read it here.

Thanks for viewing!


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Is your room too empty? Want to decorate your house with wildlife photographs? Then don’t hesitate to check out Nick Bandt’s gallery here!! You can choose the photos you like and just order your print! 😀

To be honest I was never interested in looking at wildlife photographs, because it is always the same old thing. But Nick Bandt changed everything, I actually spent my time looking through photo by photo and it is amazing! Credit goes to Ryan Lee Bhaskaran for giving me Nick’s website. 😀


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I am going to stray away from photography for a moment and talk about Ian Griffin, a professional speaker who came to University of Hertfordshire to give a talk about Social Networking.

Ian basically talks about the importance of networking by using different type of social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube, and his highly recommended site, WordPress. I would have to agree with him, wordpress is excellent. Towards the end of the talk, Mr. Ian Griffin actually did a demonstration to one of the audience (Bob Houlston) on how podcasting works.  Not only that, Ian also post it up on his blog which I think it’s really cool. 😀

There’s nothing much I can talk about but I would recommend you to attend any of his talks. To find out more about him or when his next talk is going to be, visit his website here or his blog here.


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I am starting to doubt about the security level here in De Havilland campus. Remember I wrote about Ryan’s bike being stolen? Last week my other friend’s bike front tire got stolen. 2 cases in 9 days? What do they (the securities) do after cases being reported anyway? I mean, don’t they take action or at least do something? Or do they just sit and take notes? We asked the security if there were cameras around that we might be able to view the incident, they said “yes, but unfortunately the camera is facing the other side”.

Yesterday I went to a focus group held by the Uni and we (my friends and I) complained about the security level and stuff. I was shocked to hear the things that happened in De Havilland campus in the previous years, from stabbing, fighting, and if I did not hear wrongly, shooting. Then I realised how much danger I am in now. 😀

Di Havilland is such a lovely place and all I could do is to hope things would get better.


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Still Running

I’ve been very busy with assignments lately due to the nearing deadline. Hopefully I’ll find some time to shoot again.

Btw I’ve created a new page called “events”. In that page I will posting up upcoming events that you might wanna go for photographs. 😀

cheers all!

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