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It’s Halloween! And I am still unsure what am I going to wear. Well I don’t really have plans for tonight, but I thought of going out tonight with my camera. It would be nice to see people dressing up, walking along the streets (do that really happen or it is just in the movies?). A friend of mine (Ryan) might be bringing his video cam along tonight so we’ll have better coverage of the event. ūüėÄ

Alright, I’ll be going out with Ryan now to get body paints! You guys have fun tonight!


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I could still recall how badly I wanted a polaroid camera, and now I am actually waiting for one to arrive. ūüėÄ All I could do before this was to photoshop it to look like it was taken with a polaroid. These are some of the photos :-


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I was looking around ebay this morning, trying to look for cheap stuff to buy. Initially¬†I was looking for a prime lens for my Nikon FM. Out of nowhere, I felt like getting a polaroid camera. I’ve always wanted to owe one but I was worried about getting the films. So anyways, I searched for in ebay and as soon as the page loaded, I saw a Polaroid Supercolour 635 bidding for¬†¬£6 and it only had 50 seconds on the clock before bidding ends. Thanks to my super speed brains (for decision making), and my super speed hands (for clicking the bid button), I won the item! yeay!!! I got it for ¬£6.50.¬† All I need now is the film…..hmmm….its expensive….

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Tasmin Little

tasmin little 2

Tasmin Little, an english violinist who came to our¬†uni last night¬†to perform. It was free so my friends and I went to watch her. None of us actually heard of her before but she is a professional musician. Her dad was an actor but I’m not sure who he is. Anyway,¬†when we got into the hall, there she was, interacting with the audiences while we search for our seats.¬†The hall was a little¬†empty, so we simply sat somewhere behind. We were all waiting anxiously to listen to what she had to offer. I took out my camera even though taking cameras into the hall is prohibited.

To be honest, I find it boring. She talks more than she plays. After every song she would ask the audience if there’s any question, and she would end up spending more time on Q and A session than her performing. But she is good. You can check her out in her website at www.tasminlittle.org.uk

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Big Two

DSC_0467 (Medium)

Alright, I have not touch my camera for more than a week now and¬†yet I’m dying to update my wordpress. So I decided to talk about a game my friends and I play every single¬†night. It’s called “The BIG Two¬†” or what the chinese call it, “Chor Dai Di”. I don’t really know how to explain the game, so I started googling and found this:

The card game Deuces (Chinese: Ś§ßŤÄĀšļĆ; pinyin: d√† l«éo √®r; Cantonese: ťč§Ś§ßD; jyutping: co4 daai6 di2) is a card game similar to the game of Asshole, Crazy Eights, Bullshit, Winner, and other shedding games. It is sometimes called “Chinese poker” because of its Chinese origin and its use of poker hands, though there is actually a different game by that name of an entirely different nature. In Malta it is often referred to as Giappuniza or Ciniza due to its Asian origin.

Ha! You see. With a little research, I found out about new games called Asshole, Crazy Eights, Bullshit, and Winner. Which I will be searching more about it later. Here is  the description about this game:

This card game has many names, including Big Deuce, Big Two, Thirteen (Names used mainly in Australia and USA), Top Dog (Used mainly with Vietnamese Americans), Da Lao Er (Mandarin Chinese), Sho Tai Ti, Choh Dai Di, Dai Di (Cantonese), and Pusoy Dos (a Philippine variant of the game). The game is very popular in East Asia and South East Asia, where it originated, especially Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. It is played both casually and as a gambling game. It is usually played with two to four players, the entire deck being dealt out in either case (or sometimes with only 13 cards per player). The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards. A commercial version of the game was published as Gang of Four[1] in 1990.

I’m not sure about you but I find it really interesting. To learn how to play this game, you can check out this link below where I¬†got all the content¬†:-



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Ever heard of Liu Bolin? Well I haven’t either. Not¬†until today I found out about this man, an artist¬†born in Shandong, China. His¬†work of art is just simply amazing.¬†¬†Blending yourself with the environment is definately not an easy job, but this man has the patience and passion to pull it through. Apparently it takes about 10 hours for Bolin to get his shot how he wants it to be. That is longer than watching Titanic the movie 3 times! Not something I can do. But check out his work in the link below :


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3rd Oct 2009 РI went to two more not-to-be-missed trips organised by the university. In the morning  was to the mysterious Stonehenge and later that day was to  the Roman Bath. It takes about 2 and a half to 3 hours bus ride from Hatfield.

DSC_0017 (Medium) the sheeps that could be seen from the carpark area.

All these while I thought that Stonehenge is located somewhere deep in the middle of nowhere. I was thinking “hmm…I wonder how long do¬†we have to walk to reach to the stones?”. I was surprised when I got there. Stonehenge is located right beside the road. I was a little disappointed by that actually. Besides that, I had a brilliant time in Stonehenge.

The Fence (medium) The Fence Рused to keep the sheep in the area.

DSC_0050 (Medium) (2) beautiful looking flowers around Stonehenge.

Instead of having a tour guide, they gave everyone a piece of radio and all we need to do is follow the instructions. That piece of radio will explain the history, their findings, theories, etc. But I was too busy shooting photographs, so I ignored the radio. Unforgettable experience I would say.

DSC_0083 (Medium) The beautifully built Stonehenge.

DSC_0071 (Medium) Tourist having a photo with Stonehenge.

After spending about an hour in Stonehenge, we head towards Bath. Travelling took about 45 mintues to an hour. When we got there, as usual, they took us on a tour around town that lasted almost 2 hours. Everyone were given about 3 hours of free time to roam around town before we meet at the meeting point to head home.

DSC_0131 (Medium) A church which I forgot the name..oops!

 DSC_0222 (Medium) He sang well..believe me.

DSC_0339 (Medium) The Roman Bath.

DSC_0390 (Medium) Ray of light for the dark alley.


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