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Bad time management

It’s been 5 days since my last post. Was not around during the weekend because I went for two trips organised by the university. One was to St.Alban and the other was to London. I did write the post but I saved it as drafts because I haven’t had time to upload those photos to my laptop. It might take a little while but don’t worry, it won’t be too long. Cheers!

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Long Walk

This afternoon, I had a very long walk to Tesco located more than 2km from my campus. I went there with a bunch of my friends from Malaysia.

Walking there wasn’t a problem, but walking back with all the groceries is a challenge. Alot of these supermarkets don’t encourage customers to use plastic bags to support saving the environment. Instead, they sell their own disposable shopping bags. So it is better for me to bring my own shopping back when I go for grocery shopping, and something I have to get used to.

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Problem solved

After some ammendments, the photos are now back on display.

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Photo files problem

There have a little problem with the photo files. Will be looking into it and hopefully things will go back to normal as soon as possible.

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This morning I had a little walk around my campus and I discovered something that I can never find in Malaysia. A perfectly maintained football field.


While taking that walk, I took a few snap shots around the area.


That is all for now. I’ll be going to london end of this week, hopefully I’ll come back with good photos to share.

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First football game!

I had my first football game yesterday with the seniors and it’s definately not easy to play in such cold weather. Can you imagine, 2 hours of football and not a single sweat on me? My hands felt numb after awhile too. Majority of the players are blacks, and they are one friendly bunch of great players. But I played badly tho, due to the weather and fatigue.

That morning I went for a jog at around 8 a.m. I explored a few new places to take very nice photos but I’m yet to do it. It was so cold that my ears hurt when I jog, so I started walking. After that morning jog, I went to a few supermarkets to buy foods and ingredients to cook in my campus. To be honest, I had fun walking. If I were to walk that distance in Malaysia, I’ll be toasted.

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New to England!

Since I have it in my blog, I decided to have it here in poopeson.wordpress.com as well.

Time passes really fast. One second I was planning in furthering my studies, next second I’m already here!! I was so busy with preparation that I din’t have the time to say goodbye to any of my friends. I know no one really reads my blog besides my sad self, but if you happen to be reading it, take care and see you soon. 😀

I departed from Malaysia on Friday (18th Sept 2009) at 4pm (malaysian time) by AirAsia X. It was a long 14 hours direct flight. To be honest, it’s not that bad because you can rent all sort of entertainments for a very reaosnable price. The meals in AirAsia X was way better than what MAS offered.

Ahead of schedule, I arrived in Stansted,UK airport about 10.35pm (UK time). Going through custom was really frustrating, it took 1 hour to pass through the gate. 😦 After that I had to rush and get my coach ticket to Hatfield. The bus ride to Hatfield was about 45 minutes, not too bad actually. The bus dropped me right infront of a shopping mall called “the galleria”. From that spot, I started walking around searching for my campus and by the time I got there it was 2am. An exhausting day for me, I went to my room and slept.

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New to WordPress!

I just go introduced to wordpress by a friend. I heard of it but never really checked it out, so he showed me his wordpress. It looks neat and somehow cool. 😀

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